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Kai nfo 0.1

2. ledna 2010 v 16:25 | Yumi-sama/Nikto/Sayu-chan^^ |  Kai ~ Infos
Real name: Uke Yutaka(受 毛豊)
Name: Kai 戒 (カイ)
Part: Drum
Real Name: 受毛豊
Type of blood: B
Birthday: 1981.10.28
Hobby: Soccer, cooking, collecting Zippos
Favorite brand: Custom culture, Justin Davis, Tenderloin, Stalin gear
His boom: Custom Culture
Tobacco: Red Marlboro Box
Perfume: Jaguar, sculpture, blue for men
Favorite beverage: apple juice
Hateful food: Taro, eggplant
Piercings: 2 at the left ear
Size of foot 25-27cm
Size of ring: 19-21
Height: 172cm
Weight: 55kg
Native place: Kanagawa ("New Jersey is nice")
Collection: Clothes of Custom culture, Zippos
Favorite type: Person, who receives you when you come home
Hated type: The person who hide behind of you
Desiring to the girl: Showing herself of the element
Strong point: "The place where it is fumbled? It is different?"
Weak point: forgetting things
Charm point: The place where it has interest with anything
Favorite color: Black, red, white, blue, silver and gold
Favorite animal: Dog, alligator
Message: -
Previous band: →La'DeathtopiA [戒(Kai]; Drum] →Mareydi†Creia [戒(Kai]; Drum] →ガゼット [戒(Kai]; Drum]

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