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║╚╣║║║║╩╣Takanori Matsumoto
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Ruki-sama nfo 0.3

2. ledna 2010 v 16:12 | Yumi-sama/Nikto/Sayu-chan^^ |  Ruki-sama ~ Infos
Real name: Matsumoto Takanori
Name: Ruki ルキ
Part: Death voice
Real Name: Matsumoto Takanori 松本 たかのり
Type of blood: B
Birthday: 1982.02.01
Hobby: Rental shopping
Favorite brand: The Gambler$, Anticlass, Creamsoda, bounty hunter
His boom: collecting bounty hunter figures
Tobacco: Marlboro menthol light
Perfume: CO2
Favorite color: Red black purple silver
Favorite beverage: Koiwai apple
Hateful food: Green pepper and kidney bean
Piercings: 5 at the right ear
Size of foot 25.5cm
Size of ring: Middle finger 17
Height: 162cm
Weight: ?
Native place: Kanagawa
Collection: Changing sunglasses
Favorite type: wonderful person
Hated type: Aging cord woman. Foolish person
Desiring to the girl: Without losing sight of by her.
Strong point: genuine place
Weak point: genuine place
Charm point: Temple
Favorite animal: Dog (Chihuahua), cat
Message: It will begin from the lowest place.
Previous band: →魅琴(mikoto) [楓; Drum] →Ma'die Kusse [霧緋; Drum] →L'ie:Chris [霧緋; Drum] →Kar+te=zyAnose [切茜; Vocal] →ガゼット [ルキ(Ruki); Drum]

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