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Thread - Ito xDD

6. dubna 2010 v 10:41 | 由美 |  English
Tkže už zase translation...anglicky! xDD

Soon it's been one and a half years since we've met each other
As we had several quarrels we did seperate
Gradually the time we spent together became less
Our mutual values became different

The one who took away your cheerful smile was me

I started to forget the feelings I had towards you
At last now as it is too late I become aware of them
Because you've always cried alone, haven't you
I'm sorry, I only created feelings of loneliness

"It's the 8th of June, this bright day is your birthday
You're delighted by this small shortcake like a child
Everything seemed to be seemed to be seemed to be full of happiness
In whatever year whatever year whatever year it never changed"

The one who broke your smiling face was me
More than anyone else I wanted to understand you

On the beach where we used to walk together
Are only one pair of footprints left
Your heart that was so near is now so far away
That I have lost sight of it

The memories I have are only good memories
When I remember them now they are more than happy
Although I remembered everything too late
I am really glad that I have met you
ave lost
I cannot return to that summer when I was with you, whom I have lost"
"I want to return to that summer when I was with you, whom I h

nie je to cute? ^,^ xD

Mata ne...
NoBo~ 由美 ~734~

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